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young girl brushing her teeth

What motivates you to do the things that are good for your health?

Why do certain things seem easy to do and others seem like such a struggle?

I don’t have a definite scientific answer for you and if I could bottle motivation and sell it I’d be able to retire in style at a nice young age. Continue reading “Motivation”

The Secret to Aging Gracefully

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two girls telling secrets

In her 2007 TED talk author Isabel Allende recounts a TV interview with Sofia Loren. When the interviewer had asked Sofia: “How could you look so good?” Sofia had replied: “Posture! My back is always straight. And I don’t make old people noises.”

You know that eating a healthy diet and getting adequate exercise are the two primary areas where you can make a positive impact on your health and well-being.

But what’s missing here? Continue reading “The Secret to Aging Gracefully”