Move better. Feel better.
Discover the Alexander Technique.

[Psst! it’s what your body wants you to know]

Mystified by your neck and shoulder tension or tweaky low back pain
after years of trying to figure it out?

Maybe it’s time to stop trying.
At least in the way you’ve been trying.

And start trying differently.
The Alexander Technique can show you what that differently is all about.


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Studying Alexander Technique with Lauren Hill has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Lauren helped me to develop a practice of turning my attention to how I am holding my own body throughout the day. Since practicing Alexander technique, my neck and back pain have disappeared, and when they threaten to return I know exactly how to respond. I enjoy the benefits of Alexander technique when I tell stories, preach, teach aikido, and mostly as I simply move throughout my day.

Kristin Maier, minister, storyteller, and aikido teacher


My work with Lauren has helped me to become much more aware of the tension I habitually carry in my body—in my hips, in the normal posture of my head, neck, and back, even in the way I walk. I now feel more at home, more aware, and less stressed in my body, which definitely contributes to more ease in my life, in general.

Katy Taylor, St. Paul