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My name is Lauren Hill and I am an Alexander Teacher certified by AmSAT (American Society for the Alexander Technique). I trained with with Joan and Alex Murray at Alexander Technique Center Urbana (Urbana, IL) and have taught in St. Paul, Minnesota since 2003.

I have been an active member of AmSAT since I graduated in 2003. I served on the AmSAT Board of Directors from 2008-2012.

In 2017 I joined the faculty of MinnCAT—an AmSAT certified Alexander Teacher training program in the Twin Cities. I also began teaching on an annual residential course in Malibu, CA and North Carolina.

I originally came to the Alexander Technique looking for help managing chronic neck, shoulder and back pain in my 20’s. Studying with an Alexander teacher taught me how I could consciously ease the physical discomfort that was impacting all areas of my life. I found that I was also drawn to the Alexander Technique because it was simple and extremely practical

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I am inspired by how the Alexander Technique can help people make positive changes in their lives. Often the simple things in life prove to be sources of endless learning and exploration. That is why I am continually fascinated by this work more than 20 years since my first Alexander lesson.


Learning about and caring for your posture is a basic commitment to ongoing self-care. Through teaching the Alexander Technique, I love helping each of my students develop tools they can use to take care of themselves for a lifetime.

I regularly do continuing education with a wide variety of senior teachers in my field and in related fields. In 2010, I completed a six month course in the Art of Breathing with Jessica Wolf. In 2016 I completed a post graduate course with John Nicholls.

When I am not helping my students find more ease in their daily lives I am dancing, dreaming up next year’s Halloween costume or spending quality time out of doors.

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