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Alexander Technique Science

A site is devoted to improving scientific understanding of the Alexander Technique—its principles, practices, reported and demonstrated benefits, and terminology.

American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT)

Largest professional organization of certified Alexander Technique teachers in the United States. Information on the Alexander Technique and a searchable database of teachers.


Recommended online articles and videos.

Body Learning: The Alexander Technique Podcast

A podcast devoted to all aspects of the Alexander Technique.

Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

This comprehensive website has a wealth of information on the Alexander Technique.

Constructive Rest

Information on a simple floor practice you can do on your own.

Posture Underground

A new initiative by several Alexander Technique teachers, many of whom also have advanced degrees or are research scientists in the areas of posture, motor learning, movement coordination, and the interplay of cognitive factors and human movement. The work at Posture Underground is based on a scientific model of posture in everyday activity developed through research on the Alexander Technique.


Information on research into the effect of Alexander Technique lessons on reducing chronic low back pain and other conditions.

Short History of the Alexander Technique

The fascinating story of F.M. Alexander, the man whose discoveries lie at the heart of the Alexander Technique.