Self-Care is Easy. This is Hard.

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woman meditating

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit last spring, I’ve been leading a group of students virtually once a week through an Alexander Technique based self-care practice called Constructive Rest. Until recently I’d forgotten to start with something very important. Last week I remembered and started our practice by simply congratulating them for showing up. For taking the time to take care of themselves. Continue reading “Self-Care is Easy. This is Hard.”

Finding Time (Part 2)

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woman with watch

If working on your posture and your Use is truly important to you, there is no getting around the fact that you will have to think about it.

And that takes time.

I am not talking large chunks of time, like a half an hour. I’m talking short amounts of time. 10—20-seconds here, 10—20 seconds there.

I am not talking about occasionally, once in a while, maybe every other day. I am talking about consistently throughout the day. Many times a day.

Success comes from doing something consistently not occasionally.

I did some brainstorming after writing the post yesterday. In the last 24 hours these are some of the times I was able to find time to bring some thought to my posture and my Use. Continue reading “Finding Time (Part 2)”