Learning to Listen is the Easy Part

Read Time: 3 min
cartoon of man with oversized ears

Earlier this year I wrote about taking up running again after 30 years. My primary goal for running over 50 is to enjoy it and not get injured. Every choice I make around running is informed by this overarching goal. In the post, I mentioned five things I’ve chosen to do to keep my running enjoyable and injury-free. Number two was to listen to your body. Continue reading “Learning to Listen is the Easy Part”

Self-Care is Easy. This is Hard.

Read Time: 2 min
woman meditating

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit last spring, I’ve been leading a group of students virtually once a week through an Alexander Technique based self-care practice called Constructive Rest. Until recently I’d forgotten to start with something very important. Last week I remembered and started our practice by simply congratulating them for showing up. For taking the time to take care of themselves. Continue reading “Self-Care is Easy. This is Hard.”

Change Starts with Knowing Where You Are

Read Time: 2 min
girl focused working on laptop

This morning I was chatting with a man in my Pilates class who works from home. He was trying to figure out what would be the best chair for him to sit on. He described the various furniture he has at home including a standing desk and some type of wobbly chair.

“What’s the best chair or best position to work in?” is not an uncommon question in my studio. Continue reading “Change Starts with Knowing Where You Are”