Accident in the Tunnel – a Lesson in What You Have Control Over

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traffic jam

The phone rang the other morning. It was my first student of the day. And she was in a state.

She had been driving along with traffic flowing at a reasonable speed for rush hour when, just as she was about to go through the Lowry Tunnel that skirts downtown Minneapolis, there was a multi-car crash in front of her.

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Christmas in April

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winter street scene

April played a cruel joke on us last weekend.

Just as we were getting excited about spring finally arriving; just as we were beginning to see the grass appear after months of being covered with snow; April delivered 20 + more inches of the white stuff and strong winds last Saturday and Sunday.

“Blizzard!” The weather man declared.

“This is not a blizzard!” my mom replied. She grew up in North Dakota and therefore considers herself a blizzard connoisseur.

“I can still see in front of my face,” she added.

Well, blizzard or no blizzard I got a lot of exercise.

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Motivation is not Enough

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mountain goat leaping

I wrote at the beginning of last year about motivation.

If you are motivated to make a change, you are more likely to make the change.

So, it helps to understand what is important to you. Not what someone else is telling you is important. What you consider important.

Because you will tend to be more motivated to do things that are in line with what is important to you.

If your motivation to improve your posture reflects what is important to you you’re at a better starting place, than if you are trying to improve your posture for reasons that someone else has told you are important.

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