4 Tips for Snow Shoveling

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snow shovel

My husband flew out Tuesday to attend a conference he goes to every year the week after Thanksgiving.

And right on schedule, as soon as he was safely far away, it snowed Wednesday night. And we’re predicted to have 2-4 inches on Saturday. Bruce comes home Sunday evening.

It’s a running joke between Bruce and me that whenever he goes to this conference it snows here in the Twin Cities.

And I’m left holding the shovel. Literally. Continue reading “4 Tips for Snow Shoveling”

Work Smarter Not Harder

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notebook that reads: work smarter not harder

I listened to an interview yesterday with a well-known financial advisor and author of a multitude of best-selling books. In the interview he talked about the 18-month sabbatical he took a few years back and how not working for a year and half had changed his outlook on work.

He realized how much taking time off was essential to his productivity and happiness. He is now committed to continuing to take adequate time off on a regular basis. He was going to take a 6 week break this coming summer and 3 weeks off during ski season.

As I listened, I kept thinking who is he talking to? Not me, for sure. Continue reading “Work Smarter Not Harder”

Back Consciousness

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Cartoon of man rushing with his head pushed forward of his body

I teach all my students to use the Constructive Rest practice daily as one method of their self-care. Personally I have found this practice immensely beneficial over the past 20 years. And my students who incorporate this into their daily lives find it really helpful too.

The time when I most need to stop and do my Constructive Rest practice is when I am thinking “I don’t have the time to do this now, I have too many things to get done!” Continue reading “Back Consciousness”