Time. Tension. Posture. Pain.

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Mt. Rushmore National Monument

My husband and I visited the Black Hills in South Dakota this past summer. I love the outdoors and it was absolutely spectacular.

One day during our trip, we visited Mt. Rushmore National Monument. Even though we’d arrived early it was quickly heating up and already quite hot by 10 o’clock. My husband Bruce and I decided to sit on the veranda with a view of the faces and have something to drink.

Various groups of people were milling around. Out of the blue I heard a very young and loud voice say, “Come on! We haven’t got all day!” Continue reading “Time. Tension. Posture. Pain.”

Your New Year’s Resolution

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girl with santa hat holding long list

This is the time of year for New Year’s Resolutions. You know, the age-old tradition of making promises to yourself to do something new, only to break it the very next day.

If you’re in the mood this year to make a New Year’s Resolution and keep it, why not try a different approach? Especially if making a Resolution seems like it’s going to add one more thing to your already too long to do list—and with it the stress of wondering when you’re going to get it done along with everything else. Continue reading “Your New Year’s Resolution”

Finding Time (Part 2)

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woman with watch

If working on your posture and your Use is truly important to you, there is no getting around the fact that you will have to think about it.

And that takes time.

I am not talking large chunks of time, like a half an hour. I’m talking short amounts of time. 10—20-seconds here, 10—20 seconds there.

I am not talking about occasionally, once in a while, maybe every other day. I am talking about consistently throughout the day. Many times a day.

Success comes from doing something consistently not occasionally.

I did some brainstorming after writing the post yesterday. In the last 24 hours these are some of the times I was able to find time to bring some thought to my posture and my Use. Continue reading “Finding Time (Part 2)”