Prolonged Standing Should be Undertaken with Caution

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caution sign

I just read an article in the New York Daily News that cited a recent, rather small but provocative study that claims standing desks may lead to back pain.

Wait a minute.

Last I checked, sitting was the new smoking and standing desks were going to save us all from a myriad of health issues.

If you are confused, it would be completely understandable.

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A Leaning Nation

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sketch of tower of pisa

I observe people. A lot.

I have always enjoyed people watching, even as a young child. As an Alexander teacher I am trained in the art of observation of self (and others). So, it’s hard not to observe people. Occupational hazard, I guess.

Some students ask me when I am out in public, if I am constantly judging people’s posture and Use. I’d say I am more of a curious observer than a critic. I wonder a lot at what people do with themselves and why. People and their Use are an endless source of fascination for me.

One thing that I have observed a lot recently is how most people don’t stand on their own two feet. Instead they lean. Continue reading “A Leaning Nation”

Stagger Your Stance

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people standing on train

Without thinking much about it go ahead and stand the way that feels normal to you.

Now take a look at your feet. Where have you placed them? More or less parallel to each other? This is the most common way I see people place their feet when they are standing.

If you have been noticing that you stand with your hip joints pushed forward and you tend to stand with your feet parallel changing up the way your organize your feet in standing may be useful. Continue reading “Stagger Your Stance”