Neck Tension and the Hokey Pokey

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woman about to eat some food on a stick

As a kid I loved doing the Hokey Pokey.

If you come from an English-speaking country you’re probably familiar with the participation dance and its distinctive tune and lyrics.

The Hokey Pokey’s great—if you’re doing the Hokey Pokey dance.

The problem is you might be doing bits of the Hokey Pokey all day long without even realizing it. And your body is suffering for it.

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Purses and Posture (Part 1)

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photo of purse

Many of my students ask me for advice on choosing an office chair. Very few ask for advice about their purse.

I used to broach the subject of purses very delicately with my female students. Most women are very connected to their bag of choice and the amount of stuff they carry around in it. Bringing up the subject inevitably caused a bit of conflict. My natural tendency is to avoid conflict. So, I would tread lightly.

But this did not benefit my students. Continue reading “Purses and Posture (Part 1)”