What Do You Actually Have Control Over?

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helicopter cockpit

A student of mine recently asked me, “What do we actually have control over?”

As I get older I realize just how many things in life I don’t have control over—the weather, other people, the stock market, my long awaited flight that is now delayed 6 hours—and it seems with each passing year I come to terms with more and more things that I don’t have control over. Continue reading “What Do You Actually Have Control Over?”


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fork with a berry on it

My last post was about how we disrespect the head-spine relationship by pushing the head and neck forward toward objects that we interact with—such as our book, fork or a coffee cup.

Each and every time you push (or drop) your head and neck forward toward objects you are encouraging what has often been called Forward Head Posture. Continue reading “Itty BITY”