Push the Button

Read Time: 2 min
Finger pushing a button

I was talking with a student during her lesson the other day. She was lamenting the fact that she often noticed herself slumped forward toward her computer. She wanted to know how to stop herself from doing that.

I started by asking her a bunch of questions about her office setup. Turns out she had an adjustable height desk.

Great! I said.

My standard follow up question when I find out that a student has an adjustable height desk is:

How easy is it to adjust?

All she had to do was push a button and it went up and down. She could stop it anywhere along the way.

Fantastic! I replied.

My next question was:

So, how often do you push the button and adjust the desk during a typical day?

Probably once during the day, she said.


I get absorbed in my work and I forget that I can push the button, she sheepishly explained.

And this is the crux of the problem.

You can have the most wonderful equipment in the world, an office outfitted to allow you to work in a myriad of different positions, to move throughout your workday. But none of it matters if you don’t choose to change your behavior. Continue reading “Push the Button”

To Stand or Not to Stand?

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question mark

I frequently get asked for advice about chairs and in more recent years about desks—and in particular about the more recently popular standing desks.

For most of us we spend a lot of time using these two pieces of furniture and they can certainly exert a profound influence on our posture over time, if we are not paying attention.

Sitting disease is a term that has been coined in recent years to refer to the fact that our overly sedentary lifestyle may be linked to a myriad of our health issues—from back pain and heart disease, to type 2 diabetes and even certain types of cancer.

So, if sitting is the new smoking than by all means we must stand at work!


Well, maybe. Continue reading “To Stand or Not to Stand?”