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Please note that I am not taking new students at this time

You’re unique. So are your needs, habits, and learning style. When it comes to your posture and how you move, it’s hard to see your own habits, especially at first. Private sessions are tailored to your individual needs. As an Alexander Teacher, I’m trained to use my hands to help you in a very gentle way. Working one-on-one with you allows me to use this gentle hands-on guidance to help you clearly understand where you hold unnecessary tension. And how that tension is getting in your way.


New to the Alexander Technique and not sure if it’s the right thing for you?

Send me an email at Lauren@AlexanderTeachingStudio.com and we’ll set up a free 10-minute phone consultation to determine if I’m the best person to help you. 


The first in-person session for new clients is a 90-minute Discovery Session. During that time you’ll tell me more about where you currently are, I’ll be able to look at how you sit, stand, and move and begin to introduce you to some things about the Alexander Technique. At the end of the Discovery Session, we’ll discuss a plan, and I’ll be able to tell you how many sessions I think you should start with.


How many sessions should I take? It depends on your current conditions, your goals, and how much you’re willing to explore what you learn in your sessions on your own. It usually takes around 10 sessions to get a practical grasp of the basic principles; 20—30 sessions to be able to incorporate them into your life to ensure lasting change.


Why do you recommend sessions weekly?  Especially for the first 10 sessions, I recommend coming weekly if possible, to help the learning process. Your sessions in the Alexander Technique ultimately help you explore your habits. Because you’ll inevitably go back to your old habits between sessions, frequent reinforcement of new experiences is important. That’s one reason I offer packages. By booking a package you’re making a commitment to yourself that this is something important and it will ensure you have a consistent weekly spot reserved just for you. Change happens when you do something consistently not occasionally.

Sessions are by appointment only

Studio Hours
Tuesday (10 am—5 pm)
Wednesday (2 pm—5 pm)
Thursday (10 am—5 pm)

Please contact me for available appointment times:


Cash or check is always preferred. Make checks payable to Alexander Teaching Studio. If paying by cash, exact change is appreciated. You can also pay via PayPal or credit card at the links below.

Session Rates


Discovery Session
new clients; 1 person; 90 min
Private Session
1 person; 50 min
5 Private Sessions in 6 weeks $400
10 Private Sessions in 12 weeks $750

Studio Policies

Payment is due before or at the time of your session. If purchasing a package, payment in full is due at the first session.

24-hour cancellation policy: you’re expected to pay in full if you don’t cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled session time.

Use your package by the expiration date. There is no refund or credit for sessions not taken by the expiration date.

I do my best to run on time. I expect you to do the same. If you’re late arriving for your session, don’t expect it to run over to make up for the late start.

Do not wear perfume or cologne to the studio. I’m allergic. If you wear sandals, bring socks to wear during your session.