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Join one of my group classes. You’ll be introduced to the basic principles of the Technique and benefit from the group dynamic. Group classes are especially good if you’re not in a lot of pain and are good at taking basic ideas and applying them to your specific situation on your own. All group classes are geared toward those with no prior experience with the Alexander Technique—but anyone at any level of experience is welcome to attend or repeat a class.

Mindful Body Awareness in Action: a Practical Introduction to the Alexander Technique

4 Saturdays (Apr 22-May 13, 2023)
10 am—noon
SpiritWoods Wellness Center
10480 Perkins Ave N
Stillwater, MN 55082
Cost: $240 (class materials included)
No refunds for cancelations after Apr 15, 2023

Online registration is through SpiritWoods

For over 100 years the Alexander Technique has helped people develop skills for being more mindful in their bodies. This 4-week class is a practical introduction to the Alexander Technique. Through exploratory activities, games, and discussion you will:

  • Understand how your postural and movement habits may be getting in your way—and how to change them.
  • Explore why how you think is instrumental to how you move.
  • Learn new ways to be more comfortable in your body.
  • Begin developing simple self-care skills for a lifetime.

This class is designed for those with no prior experience with the Alexander Technique—but anyone with any level of experience is welcome to attend. Some work will be done on the floor—participants are encouraged to bring their own floor mats, but we also have mats if you don’t have your own.

SpiritWoods Wellness Center, three miles north of historic downtown Stillwater, is a beautiful and unique setting for this in-depth introductory class. Come to the class in the mornings and explore the beautiful St. Croix Valley in the afternoons.

Get Back in Balance

Thurs May 18, 2023
6:30—8:00 pm
Highland Park Middle School
975 Snelling Ave S
St. Paul, MN 55116
Cost: $35

Online registration is through St. Paul Community Ed.

Maintaining good balance is important as you age. But it’s more than just strength training. This class draws on concepts from the Alexander Technique to teach you additional skills to up your balance game.

Introduction to Constructive Rest

Cost: $40

This virtual five-session class was live and recorded. The live class has ended but the five class recordings are still available for purchase. 

One of the simplest ways to help yourself improve your posture, reduce excess tension, and manage the effects of stress is the Alexander Technique Constructive Rest practice.

Although this class is specifically designed for those new to the practice, those who’ve used the practice for years will find ways to deepen and enliven it. In addition, Alexander teachers may find new ways to introduce and teach the practice to their students.

What’s covered in the 5 sessions:

  • the why of the semi-supine rest position
  • simple anatomy everyone benefits from knowing
  • setting your mindset
  • simple tools for coming back into the present
  • harnessing the power of attention and awareness
  • what are Alexander Directions and how to use them
  • ideas for doing other self-exploration while on the floor