Why Your World is Different from Behind a Face Mask

Read Time: 3 min
woman wearing face mask

As I write this it is May 2020. We’re still in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. And we’re all being asked to wear face masks now.

Depending on how you’re moving around in public and coming into contact with others at this point, you may be wearing them for relatively small amounts of time or all day long. You may only have a face mask on for 20 minutes when you go into the grocery store once a week or you may have a job that’s requiring that you wear one for many hours a day at a stretch.

Noticed anything different about your experience being in the world with a face mask on? Continue reading “Why Your World is Different from Behind a Face Mask”

Large Print is Not Just for Seniors Anymore

Read Time: 3 min
woman taking picture of library books with a tablet

When I was younger my mom and I would make a weekly trek to the local library.

I remember every visit walking by the sign advertising the Large Print Books section. I never understood why the sign didn’t just say Old People’s Books. After all, in my mind that’s who the large print was for.

Well, turns out that large print has come in quite handy in helping me to mind my Posture and my Use, and I am nowhere near being Old yet…at least not by my definition. Continue reading “Large Print is Not Just for Seniors Anymore”

Head Up Eyes Forward

Read Time: 3 min
toddler walking toward camera

I read a story recently about someone’s first experience with the Alexander Technique. It was many years ago, and he had come across a poster advertising an introductory workshop.

The workshop was titled “HEAD UP EYES FORWARD: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique.”

He went to the workshop. I think that he eventually went on to train to be an Alexander Teacher. What impressed me about the story was that all these years later he remembered the four words on the poster. Continue reading “Head Up Eyes Forward”