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Welcome and Blog Intro

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Welcome. My name is Lauren Hill and I am an AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique teacher based in St. Paul, Minnesota USA. The Alexander Technique approaches posture in a different way than most of us are used to.

That is what this blog is all about.

When you have good posture your clothes fit better, it can make you appear thinner, look more attractive and feel more confident. But it is so much more than that.

Your posture has a profound effect on your health and well being.

Unfortunately, when we look for help with issues from back pain and breathing to digestion and headaches we often overlook the effect of our posture.

Your posture is too important to ignore.

However, you need to realize that improving your posture is not just a simple matter of needing to learn to stand or sit up straight. In fact, many of us have tried that approach and it just hasn’t worked.

It is well worth your while to start paying some attention to your posture–but in a way that is fun, manageable and sparks an interest in yourself.

That is the goal of this blog.

Before the next post, take some time to think about and write down your own current definition of posture. Go ahead, take a few minutes and write it down.

What is posture? And while you are at it, What is good posture?

My goal at the onset of this blog is to post every other week. This will give you adequate time to digest and experiment with the information I present you.

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