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cool man with glasses

I just listened to a podcast interview with an Alexander Technique Teacher who related a story about her student who had purchased brand new glasses. The student had paid several hundred dollars for them. They were the style of the moment with very small lenses.

And in order to look through the “sweet spot” and see clearly, the student had to put his head in an awkward position that created tension in his neck and pulled it off balance. The teacher had pointed this out to him.

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Five Simple Tips for Using Your Smartphone

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woman texting

We love our smartphones. Our mobile technology has tremendous advantages.

At the same time using the technology can literally be a pain in the neck.

So many people are experiencing neck, upper back and shoulder pain from excessive use of smartphones that doctors have given the syndrome a name—Text Neck.

Text Neck is affecting younger and younger people. CNN reported recently on a 14-year-old who has been diagnosed with the syndrome. Continue reading “Five Simple Tips for Using Your Smartphone”