Skip the Blame, Find the Opportunity

Read Time: 2 min
man pointing and blaming

Posture is to a large extent habit.

When you pay more attention to how you do what you do throughout the day, you will naturally start to be more aware of your postural habits that are not serving you.

You know, pushing your head and neck forward toward your computer screen, dropping your head and neck forward and down toward your smartphone, standing with your knees locked and your hips thrust forward…

You may also find that you are astounded at how often you are doing those postural habits you don’t want to be doing. Continue reading “Skip the Blame, Find the Opportunity”

Comfortable or Familiar?

Read Time: 2 min
woman sleeping on her side

I’ve been conducting an experiment for the past month.

For years I slept on all four sides. I slept on my back, right side, left side and front. Sometimes for a time I would have a preference for one of the four sides. Sometimes I would rotate through all of them in the course of one night.

I decided for the past month to sleep only on my back or on my front.

What I noticed from day one is that my shoulders feel much better each morning when I wake up. They don’t feel the least bit stiff, which is how they normally feel. That in itself is enough for me to continue with the experiment. Continue reading “Comfortable or Familiar?”