Take Your Vacation Mindset Back to Work

Read Time: 3 min
man on lounge chair

I went on a short vacation with my husband in July. We went up to the North Shore. For those of you not from Minnesota, the North Shore is short for the northern shore of Lake Superior. I hadn’t been in a few years. It was a wonderful getaway. Very relaxing.

One day my husband was sitting in the passenger seat and sensed my irritation as I waited for the person in front of me to take forever to turn left at a traffic light. Continue reading “Take Your Vacation Mindset Back to Work”

How I Learned to Love Shoveling Snow

Read Time: 2 min
winter snow scene

I live in Minnesota. Snow is part of my life during a certain part of the year. And with snow comes the task of shoveling it.

You should also know that I love being out of doors, in all seasons. And I enjoy exercising. In particular, I like to swim, walk, hike, dance and ski. I place a high value on doing a variety of activities.

One day a few winters ago when we had been having an unusually large number of snowstorms, I found myself outside. Yet again. Shoveling. I was not happy. In fact, I was hating it. Continue reading “How I Learned to Love Shoveling Snow”