How Language Shapes Us

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close up of woman's head and neck

The word Neck figures prominently in the English language.

Some days, your coworker is “a pain in the neck”. Some days, she may frustrate you so much that you could “wring her neck”.

Your boss can “breathe down your neck” pressuring you to finish that report by the end of the day. And you don’t know how you are going to get it done because you are “up to your neck” in so much work.

You can “stick your neck out” to help a friend in trouble.

And on and on.

The problem with talking about the Neck is that over time it becomes its own thing. Continue reading “How Language Shapes Us”

Vision and Posture (Part 1)

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The famous evolution cartoon ending with a person using a smartphone

In late November and early December of last year a slew of articles appeared in the media with titles such as OMG, You’re Texting Your Way to Back Pain and Texting is Bad 4 UR Spine.

I know that texting or tablet use is correlated with many people’s neck, back and shoulder pain and poor posture. However just how much pressure you put on your spine when you are texting in the typical texting posture was shocking to me. Continue reading “Vision and Posture (Part 1)”

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Your Head-Spine Relationship

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man tipping his hat in respectful greeting

By now you have probably realized that your Nodding Joint only allows you to look up and down so far before the spine starts getting involved. The range of motion of the joint is somewhat limited.

For example, if you are sitting in a chair and have your tablet computer flat on the table in front of you, your Nodding Joint does not allow enough range of motion to easily look down without curling your spine forward and collapsing your torso down.

So, you need to bring the tablet closer to your head. But holding it gets tiring.

So, what to do? Continue reading “R-E-S-P-E-C-T Your Head-Spine Relationship”