Strain Creeping In? Ask Yourself This One Simple Question

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little girl joyfully running in field

I started running (again) this past year. It’s been 30 years since I last ran (except to catch the random bus).

In high school I was a pretty fast 800-meter runner (2:24 for those track enthusiasts out there). I was co-captain of my track team my senior year. It was an important part of my life.

Then came age 19 and a car accident. 10 years of dealing with chronic pain. And stopping a lot of activities I previously enjoyed. Including running. But also finding the Alexander Technique. Continue reading “Strain Creeping In? Ask Yourself This One Simple Question”

The Sensible Tailor

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tailors chalk and measuring tape

The only man I know who behaves sensible is my tailor;
he takes my measurements anew each time he sees me.
The rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.

George Bernard Shaw

I was talking to a fellow swimmer in the hot tub at my local Y this week.

I run into this guy in the pool from time to time and we often chat about various things. He knows that I teach the Alexander Technique but we haven’t talked that much about it.

This week however, he was particularly curious about the Alexander Technique. He asked me, “after enough training is it just on autopilot? Do you automatically adopt proper alignment and stand up straight?” Continue reading “The Sensible Tailor”

Two Questions

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question mark

If you want to change any habit you have to pay attention to it. You have to be conscious of it.

And that is probably the most difficult part of trying to change a habit. Paying attention.

Your Posture and Use is to a large extent habit. So working on your Posture and Use does involve paying some attention to it.

One strategy that I use myself and I teach and encourage my students to use is to ask and answer Two Questions—as often as they can. Continue reading “Two Questions”

Back Consciousness

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Cartoon of man rushing with his head pushed forward of his body

I teach all my students to use the Constructive Rest practice daily as one method of their self-care. Personally I have found this practice immensely beneficial over the past 20 years. And my students who incorporate this into their daily lives find it really helpful too.

The time when I most need to stop and do my Constructive Rest practice is when I am thinking “I don’t have the time to do this now, I have too many things to get done!” Continue reading “Back Consciousness”