Accident in the Tunnel – a Lesson in What You Have Control Over

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traffic jam

The phone rang the other morning. It was my first student of the day. And she was in a state.

She had been driving along with traffic flowing at a reasonable speed for rush hour when, just as she was about to go through the Lowry Tunnel that skirts downtown Minneapolis, there was a multi-car crash in front of her.

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An Exercise for Office Workers

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man working at desk

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by a marketing rep for an ergonomic office furniture company.

We had a great conversation about the modern office environment, the Alexander Technique and posture.

At the end of the interview he asked me if I could share one exercise for office workers to do to at their workstations to help with their posture.

Sure, I said.
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I’m Hip, but I’m So Much More

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cool woman with sunglasses

My life has a way of repeatedly providing me with opportunities to practice what I need to practice.

I recently injured my right hip. I basically overstretched some of the muscles and ligaments in the area. The result being that walking has proved quite uncomfortable (interestingly and thankfully—since my recital is coming up—tap dancing does not).

I had been training to walk a ½ marathon in late May. This injury happened two weeks before. The ½ marathon didn’t happen.

I continue to walk and move gently, get help from my massage therapist, use the hot tub at the gym as often as I can and listen to my body so I give myself time to heal and don’t injure myself again.

This injury has been a reminder of the power of pain to hijack my attention.

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girl thinking

My first student this morning came in after being gone for a few weeks. As I normally do, we sat down for a few minutes to check in.

“Oh, the past few weeks have been so busy”, she said.

“I haven’t done so well. You know, the first thing to go when things get busy is paying attention to yourself.”

The important thing here was something that she left unsaid: her belief that bringing some attention to herself from time to time is difficult. That she will have to try hard. Even that she has to make time for it. Continue reading “Beliefs”