I’m Hip, but I’m So Much More

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My life has a way of repeatedly providing me with opportunities to practice what I need to practice.

I recently injured my right hip. I basically overstretched some of the muscles and ligaments in the area. The result being that walking has proved quite uncomfortable (interestingly and thankfully—since my recital is coming up—tap dancing does not).

I had been training to walk a ½ marathon in late May. This injury happened two weeks before. The ½ marathon didn’t happen.

I continue to walk and move gently, get help from my massage therapist, use the hot tub at the gym as often as I can and listen to my body so I give myself time to heal and don’t injure myself again.

This injury has been a reminder of the power of pain to hijack my attention.

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When it comes to taking care of ourselves it is all too easy to compartmentalize.

When I was dealing with a lot of chronic pain back in my 20’s I compartmentalized a lot. Not because I had chronic pain. But because that’s how I had learned to habitually divide up my days.

There was a time that I “took care of my body” and I time that “I did everything else”. Continue reading “De-compartmentalizing”

Two Questions

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If you want to change any habit you have to pay attention to it. You have to be conscious of it.

And that is probably the most difficult part of trying to change a habit. Paying attention.

Your Posture and Use is to a large extent habit. So working on your Posture and Use does involve paying some attention to it.

One strategy that I use myself and I teach and encourage my students to use is to ask and answer Two Questions—as often as they can. Continue reading “Two Questions”