You Are Your Instrument

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man playing cello

I have been asked to give a short workshop for a group of cellists in a week or so. I am not a cellist. I’m not even a musician. I am an Alexander Teacher. So, why am I of all people giving a group of cellists a workshop?

No matter what length workshop I give musicians I always want to get across one basic concept:

What is the common denominator in absolutely everything you do?

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Lighten Up

Read Time: 2 min
white feather

Here is an experiment to try.

I am going to ask you to do something. And that something is to go for a walk.

So, find a large enough space where you have room to walk around comfortably for about 30 seconds. Heck if its nice out, go outside.

Although you are going to walk in this experiment, the experiment is not so much about the activity of walking per se—it is about how changing what you think may change your experience of the activity of walking.

You are going to go for a walk three times.

Each time for 30 seconds.

Each time you are going to think a different instruction for your posture.

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