If you’re new to the Alexander Technique I suggest an introductory course of three lessons in three weeks. In three lessons you’ll gather enough information about the Technique and my teaching style to decide if a course of study is the right thing for you.

How many lessons should you take? It depends on your current conditions, your goals and how much you’re willing to explore what you learn in your lessons on your own.

Some students get what they want in three lessons. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve had students who’ve studied with me for several years because they find the lessons continue to help them in many unexpected and wonderful ways.

Why are lessons typically weekly? Because success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally but from what you do consistently.

Lessons are by appointment only

Studio Hours:
Tuesday (9 am—noon)
Wednesday (2 pm—5 pm)
Thursday (9 am—noon)
Friday (9 am—5 pm)
Saturday (9 am—noon)

Ready to schedule a lesson?

Step 1: contact me at or 651-646-8993
Step 2: fill out the form below before your first lesson

New Student Intake Form

Lesson Rates

Private Lesson (1 person; 45-50 min) $75
Shared Lesson (2 people; 55 min) $90
Intro Package (one time only – 3 private lessons in 3 weeks) $195
Weekly Package 1 (5 private lessons in 6 weeks) $325
Weekly Package 2 (10 private lessons in 12 weeks) $600
Twice Weekly Package (10 private lessons in 6 weeks) $550

Studio Policies

You’re expected to pay in full at the time of your lesson or if you purchase a lesson package, at your first lesson. Cash and checks only. Make checks payable to: Alexander Teaching Studio.

My studio has a 24-hour cancellation policy. You’ll be asked to pay for your lesson in full if you don’t cancel your lesson within 24 hours of its scheduled time.

Use your lesson package by the expiration date. There is no refund or credit for lessons you don’t take by the package expiration date.

I do my very best to run on time. And I expect you to do the same. If you’re late arriving for your lesson, don’t expect it to run over to make up for the late start.