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Oh My Aching (Lower) Back

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A reader asked if I would write a post addressing lower back pain.

The first thing to remember is that your lower back is part of your whole back.

The second thing to remember is that your whole back is part of your whole body.

Nothing operates in isolation but relates to and affects other parts.

So, for example, although it may seem far removed from your back, your head and its balance on top of the spine play a large role in how your lower back feels.

When I have a student with lower back pain I make sure that they have been checked out by a medical professional. A lot of lower back pain is related to how we use ourselves. But there are some serious conditions that can manifest as back pain. And you want to make sure you rule those out.

There is already quite a bit of useful information on the blog that is worth exploring if you have lower back pain. I encourage you to check out the following in particular:

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