Time. Tension. Posture. Pain.

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Mt. Rushmore National Monument

My husband and I visited the Black Hills in South Dakota this past summer. I love the outdoors and it was absolutely spectacular.

One day during our trip, we visited Mt. Rushmore National Monument. Even though we’d arrived early it was quickly heating up and already quite hot by 10 o’clock. My husband Bruce and I decided to sit on the veranda with a view of the faces and have something to drink.

Various groups of people were milling around. Out of the blue I heard a very young and loud voice say, “Come on! We haven’t got all day!” Continue reading “Time. Tension. Posture. Pain.”

An Open Letter to Parents – Your Kids’ Posture

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parents scolding child

Summer is often a time when I get desperate calls or e-mails from parents wanting me to help fix their kids’ posture.

Not atypically, the request is for the kid’s posture to be fixed within a couple of weeks. Preferably before school starts again after Labor Day.

It is important to realize that helping your kids develop healthy postural habits is not unlike helping them foster healthy eating habits.

It is an ongoing commitment. And it is going to involve not just your kid, but you as well. Continue reading “An Open Letter to Parents – Your Kids’ Posture”