Shazam! (why good posture is like a healthy diet)

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child with magic wand

I just finished teaching a three-week introductory class in the Alexander Technique.

At the first meeting, I asked the students to write down how they define posture. The point was not to have the right definition. The point was for them to consider how they were currently thinking about posture.

At the last meeting, students shared what they’d take away from the class. Continue reading “Shazam! (why good posture is like a healthy diet)”

I Do Practice What I Preach

Read Time: 2 min
paper with list of resolutions

On New Year’s Day I gave you a different approach to setting a New Year’s Resolution.

In short, the idea was to focus on not doing something. Instead of doing something.

One obvious choice would be to not make a New Year’s Resolution (I’ve chosen that option more than once).

But there’s something in me that likes the new start of a new year as a place to state fresh intentions for myself.

So, I did make a New Year’s Resolution this year. Continue reading “I Do Practice What I Preach”

Don’t Let Focus on Failure Get in the Way of Progress

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I read a very interesting blog post on a zero-waste site recently regarding failure. More specifically, our tendency to focus on our (perceived) failures instead of celebrating our successes when trying to make changes in our life.

At first glance, adopting a zero-waste lifestyle and learning and incorporating the Alexander Technique into your life may seem like they have absolutely nothing in common. Continue reading “Don’t Let Focus on Failure Get in the Way of Progress”