Are You Doing What You Feel You Are Doing?

Read Time: 2 min

Stand with a full length mirror at your side. Look straight ahead. Stand in the way that feels upright and vertical to you. Turn your head to the side and look in the mirror.

Are you really standing vertically? Or is your pelvis parked forward and your upper back thrown back behind your hips? Is your head forward of your spine?

Close your eyes and turn to face the mirror. Stand in the way that feels upright and vertical to you. Without judging or changing anything, open your eyes.

What do you see? Is your head level? Or is it tilted to one side? Are your shoulders level? Or is one higher than the other? Continue reading “Are You Doing What You Feel You Are Doing?”

Hidden Obstacles to Improving Your Posture

Read Time: 2 min
man hiding

Changing your posture is not an easy task. If you are reading this blog you’ve probably come to that conclusion.

From the get go how you think about, define and conceptualize posture is going to impact how you try to improve it (and from my experience) your success in doing so.

But there are some obstacles you face when you try to improve your posture that you may not even realize. Becoming aware of these hidden obstacles can be a great help. Continue reading “Hidden Obstacles to Improving Your Posture”

Pause for Better Posture

Read Time: 3 min
Demonstration of the Constructive Rest position with legs bent and feet flat on the floor

JUST DO IT has been with us since Nike launched its well known ad campaign in 1988. This slogan epitomizes how our culture typically attempts to solve our various problems.

Postural problems? Just give me the strengthening/stretching/postural exercises and I’ll just do it! Fixed! Maybe you have already tried this approach and it just hasn’t worked.

That is because Doing itself is often part of the problem. Continue reading “Pause for Better Posture”