Take a Lesson from Ozzie

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My friends have a wonderful dog named Ozzie who loves agility training. Ozzie has been participating in agility competitions for the past few years. If you are not familiar with dog agility competitions they are the events where dogs are led through a variety of obstacles, such as tunnels, teeter totters, poles and jumps. The goal is for the handler to lead the dog through the course as quickly and accurately as possible.

At one all day competition about a year ago Ozzie had been entered in several events—and as it turned out, one too many events. Continue reading “Take a Lesson from Ozzie”

What Do You Actually Have Control Over?

Read Time: 2 min
helicopter cockpit

A student of mine recently asked me, “What do we actually have control over?”

As I get older I realize just how many things in life I don’t have control over—the weather, other people, the stock market, my long awaited flight that is now delayed 6 hours—and it seems with each passing year I come to terms with more and more things that I don’t have control over. Continue reading “What Do You Actually Have Control Over?”