Strain Creeping In? Ask Yourself This One Simple Question

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little girl joyfully running in field

I started running (again) this past year. It’s been 30 years since I last ran (except to catch the random bus).

In high school I was a pretty fast 800-meter runner (2:24 for those track enthusiasts out there). I was co-captain of my track team my senior year. It was an important part of my life.

Then came age 19 and a car accident. 10 years of dealing with chronic pain. And stopping a lot of activities I previously enjoyed. Including running. But also finding the Alexander Technique. Continue reading “Strain Creeping In? Ask Yourself This One Simple Question”

5 Tips to Get Your Body Through a Long Meeting

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classroom with desks and chairs

I teach Alexander Technique classes through my local community ed department. The other day I took off my teacher hat and was a student in someone else’s class.

As with most community ed classes, it took place at a school in the evening. Our classroom had hard mid-sized  pink and green plastic chairs that were permanently attached to desks.

The furniture was less than comfortable. And it could’ve easily been an evening that ended in body aches and pains. But not this time.

Because I chose to do something very simple. Continue reading “5 Tips to Get Your Body Through a Long Meeting”

Make It So Easy You Can’t Not Do It

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man lying on his back in the grass

As each New Year’s rolls around I find myself coming back to making resolutions and setting goals.

I’ve gone through phases where I decided to purposely not make a New Year’s Resolution. Simply because that’s what everyone does. And what you’re supposed to do.

Then I realized that I was making a New Year’s Resolution. It was not to make a New Year’s Resolution!

I’m no longer in that phase. I do like the idea of the start of a new year being a nice time to start something new.

But the problem is the starting. No matter what the resolution is. Continue reading “Make It So Easy You Can’t Not Do It”