Why Your World is Different from Behind a Face Mask

Read Time: 3 min
woman wearing face mask

As I write this it is May 2020. We’re still in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. And we’re all being asked to wear face masks now.

Depending on how you’re moving around in public and coming into contact with others at this point, you may be wearing them for relatively small amounts of time or all day long. You may only have a face mask on for 20 minutes when you go into the grocery store once a week or you may have a job that’s requiring that you wear one for many hours a day at a stretch.

Noticed anything different about your experience being in the world with a face mask on? Continue reading “Why Your World is Different from Behind a Face Mask”

A Two-Second Posture Tip

Read Time: 3 min
clock with second hand

For years I’ve taught group classes at my local community ed program introducing students to the history, principles, and practice of the Alexander Technique.

In the very first class we always sit in a circle. We go around and each person introduces themselves—as you would in a lot of workshops. With one exception. Each student has to pause before speaking. Continue reading “A Two-Second Posture Tip”

Body-Conscious Gardening Tips

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wheelbarrow in garden

I enjoy gardening. I love being outdoors. I feel a sense of accomplishment when a plant makes it through the winter and comes back, healthy, and bigger than last year. And heck, I just love getting dirty! But if I’m not careful, just like with the first snow shoveling in the Fall, I can easily hurt myself.

Over the years I’ve found a few strategies that help my body out. And discovered that one of my all-time favorite gardening tools is something you don’t get at the garden center. Continue reading “Body-Conscious Gardening Tips”