Large Print is Not Just for Seniors Anymore

woman taking picture of library books with a tablet

When I was younger my mom and I would make a weekly trek to the local library.

I remember every visit walking by the sign advertising the Large Print Books section. I never understood why the sign didn’t just say Old People’s Books. After all, in my mind that’s who the large print was for.

Well, turns out that large print has come in quite handy in helping me to mind my Posture and my Use, and I am nowhere near being Old yet…at least not by my definition. Continue reading “Large Print is Not Just for Seniors Anymore”

Don’t Let Focus on Failure Get in the Way of Progress

looking up at a circular staircase

I read a very interesting blog post on a zero-waste site recently regarding failure. More specifically, our tendency to focus on our (perceived) failures instead of celebrating our successes when trying to make changes in our life.

At first glance, adopting a zero-waste lifestyle and learning and incorporating the Alexander Technique into your life may seem like they have absolutely nothing in common. Continue reading “Don’t Let Focus on Failure Get in the Way of Progress”

Christmas in April

winter street scene

April played a cruel joke on us last weekend.

Just as we were getting excited about spring finally arriving; just as we were beginning to see the grass appear after months of being covered with snow; April delivered 20 + more inches of the white stuff and strong winds last Saturday and Sunday.

“Blizzard!” The weather man declared.

“This is not a blizzard!” my mom replied. She grew up in North Dakota and therefore considers herself a blizzard connoisseur.

“I can still see in front of my face,” she added.

Well, blizzard or no blizzard I got a lot of exercise.

Shoveling. Continue reading “Christmas in April”