Learning to Listen is the Easy Part

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cartoon of man with oversized ears

Earlier this year I wrote about taking up running again after 30 years. My primary goal for running over 50 is to enjoy it and not get injured. Every choice I make around running is informed by this overarching goal. In the post, I mentioned five things I’ve chosen to do to keep my running enjoyable and injury-free. Number two was to listen to your body. Continue reading “Learning to Listen is the Easy Part”

The Posture Tip Hidden in a Racy 1980s Hit

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packed rock concert

Are you old enough to remember when Frankie Goes to Hollywood released what was arguably the most controversial hit song of the decade in late 1983? Relax had a sluggish start but soared to the top of the charts the following year. It’s basically an ode to orgasm and was banned for a while by the BBC. I’m not offended by much, but a warning: don’t Google the video if you’re sensitive to explicit content. That aside, hidden in the song is a great posture tip.

Continue reading “The Posture Tip Hidden in a Racy 1980s Hit”