You Are What You Do — 4 Comments

    • Hey Don! If you wanna write, write like you! I know you and your sense of humor and I am sure it would be great! And as for growing up, I think it is overrated! 🙂

  1. Lauren, thank you for this great blog. It’s so important to remember to notice our habits. I suffered a debilitating repetitive strain injury and every day when I start to work I remind myself not to fall back into old habits that contribute to the pain. I catch myself doing it all the time. Thanks for this really useful reminder.

    • You’re welcome Raquel. It’s very interesting (and frustrating at times!) how good we are at our bad habits. But that is only because we have practiced them for so long! And we get good at what we practice! One way that I try to reframe catching myself doing a habit that I know is unhelpful for the umpteenth time is to realize that it is an opportunity for me to practice what the Alexander Technique refers to as Inhibition-doing less of what is not useful. So, noticing the harmful habit provides an opportunity for me to practice a helpful habit of Inhibition. And the more I practice this better I get.

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