One On One Lessons

I primarily teach one on one out of my studio in the Summit Hill neighborhood of St. Paul, MN. Working with you one on one allows me to focus each lesson on your unique habits, needs and learning style.

If you are new to the Alexander Technique I suggest an introductory course of three lessons in three weeks. This allows you to gather enough information about the Technique and my teaching style to decide if a course of study is the right thing for you.

How many lessons you should take depends on your current conditions, your goals and how much you are willing to explore what you learn in your lessons on your own. Some students get what they want in three lessons. On the other end of the spectrum, I have students who have studied with me for several years as they find the lessons continue to help them in many unexpected and wonderful ways.

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My study of Alexander Technique with Lauren has not only had a beneficial impact on the state of my body, but it’s also made a difference in my thinking. Alexander Technique taught me simple self-direction, allowing space and time to make a different choice, rather than respond out of habit. These choices made a huge and unanticipated difference in how my body felt, and pains were relieved that I had come to accept as inevitable. Just as valuable was the way that making choices about movement filtered into making other sorts of decisions. The thought process you engage with the Alexander Technique can be applied to other situations, and it gave me more space and possibility in life situations. Best of all, the Alexander Technique has such wonderful benefits, but it never feels complicated or frustrating.

Suzanne Wiltgen, dancer/choreographer


Group Classes

A group class can be a fun way to get an introduction to the Technique. Although you don’t get the individual attention that one on one lessons offer, you will benefit from the group dynamic. I offer two formats of group classes.

Exploratory Workshops are kept small, allowing for a limited amount of individual hands on guidance from the teacher as well as group experiential activities and discussion. They are typically held at the studio.

Community Education Classes (currently offered through St. Paul Community Education) introduce students to basic ideas from the Alexander Technique while exploring a particular topic such as posture or balance. These classes are a combination of experiential activities and discussion. The size of these classes does not allow for individual hands on guidance from the teacher.

All group classes are geared toward those with no prior experience with the Alexander Technique, but anyone is welcome to attend or repeat a class.


Before coming to Lauren and the Alexander Technique, I tried nearly everything to heal my chronic neck and back pain. Massage, Rolfing, CranioSacral therapy, reiki…you name it, I tried it. But nothing helped in the long term, because the root cause of my problem–poor body use–wasn’t being addressed. Lauren taught me to relax away from many of my old habits of tension and strain, and to use my body in a more natural, effortless way. Even though my lessons are over now, I continue to use the Technique daily to keep pain at bay and increase my body awareness. Lauren is an amazing teacher, her classes are more than fairly priced, and her quiet and comfortable studio is the perfect place to study the Technique.

Stephanie Watson, author


Upcoming Community Education Classes

Alexander Technique: Practical Posture
Three Thursdays: Nov 2, 7 and 16 (6:45 – 8:00 pm)

Highland Park Middle School (enter through the parking lot off Montreal Ave)
975 Snelling Ave St, St Paul MN 55116

Explore how the Alexander Technique can help you understand and improve your posture in a more holistic way so you can experience more joy and ease in everyday movement. Some work will be done on the floor. Students should bring a mat to class.

Registration is through St. Paul Public Schools Community Education and will open in late August/early September.


I became acquainted with Lauren and the Alexander Technique through an introductory group class held through St. Paul Community Education. I was intrigued and decided to continue working with Lauren one-on-one. She has taught me to apply the principles of the technique while on my yoga mat, sitting at my computer, and working in the kitchen. I love that I can matter-of-factly ask myself if I could do less of an unhelpful action, or even just less in general, and immediately feel the release in my body – sometimes just where I expect it, and sometimes not. Lauren is an excellent, thoughtful teacher who tailors each lesson to the individual student and what they need most at that time. I recommend her to anyone interested in learning to live with more ease.

Deborah Derringer, college administrator, yogini and avid home cook.


Custom Workshops and Presentations

Customized workshops and presentations can be arranged for your group. Please contact the studio for details and pricing.