Why I Learned to Mouse Left Handed — 4 Comments

  1. I did a similar thing a few years ago, as I noticed I had a lot of habitual tension when using the mouse with my right hand. I now typically use my left hand, but will also switch from side to side if I’m doing a lot of “mouse-work.” As I didn’t have as much habit associated with using my left hand, I was able to be more aware, more easily, with what I was doing.

    Thanks for your blog posts, Lauren. I love them.

    • You bring up a really good observation Imogen–and that is when you do something with your non-dominant side, because it is not habitual and therefore not on auto-pilot, you automatically are more present and more aware of how you are doing what you are doing. And that’s a good thing! I try to find excuses to do things on the side I am not used to for this reason. I love to do this with putting on my pants or my jacket as well. Thanks for contributing to the conversation.

  2. years ago I had the same problem, my mouse was far to the right – in part because the cord attaching it to the computer was rather short. so I bought a wireless mouse that I keep on a elevated stool in front of me between my legs and lower than the keyboard.

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