The Most Dangerous Phrase in the English Language — 6 Comments

  1. Lauren, so enjoy your Alexander musings. You are always right one. I like the way you add humor to serious things. This aged aunt appreciates the way in which you help us to a more comfortable life style by your gentle suggestions. Aunt Genell

    • I always find that humor helps me when it comes to making improvement in myself. I think we can learn to take things seriously and yet still find humor within those things.

  2. This is great, Lauren! I decided to try mousing with my left hand years ago and it was one of the best “preserve your body” decisions I have made. People say to me all of the time “oh, so you are left handed” and nope, I just decided to mouse left handed–and usually they are curious enough to give it a try. After college a friend and I often sat across the table from each other with a big piece of paper and crayons. We would write and draw upside down and backwards “to each other” which was oddly relaxing–and also weird :). Thanks for the reminder to “mix it up” here and there.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience of doing differently. I too mouse left handed but am right handed. The reason I started was because my shoulders don’t like it when my hands spend a lot of time too far outside the width of my shoulders. On most keyboards the number pad is attached to the right side of the keyboard. So if your keyboard is centered and you want to mouse with the right hand it has to be way over to the right beyond the number pad (and for me way outside the width of my shoulders). On the left side there is no number pad and my hand can stay within the width of my shoulders. My body is much happier when I mouse left handed.

    • Thanks for your comment. The almost universal instructions given to all of us as we have grown up to “stand up straight” or “sit up straight” have sent many people down a miserable path of pain and discomfort and set them up to have a poor relationship with what it means to have good posture. Doing differently in the Alexander Technique often starts with not standing or sitting up straight. Imagine that!

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