Stand Up for Yourself — 4 Comments

  1. I enjoyed this article. So true in younger days afraid to offend and suffering the consequences. Your role to educate differently is so important.
    As a diabetes educator and counseling frequent patients would tell me they had to work thru their lunch. This is poor self care for anyone but especially a patient with diabetes and on medication. I always offered to call the workplace and/ or provide a note with ny business card.

    • Thanks for your comment Marilyn. There are many aspects of our self-care/health-care that require us to stand up and do things differently. Not always easy as your example illustrates, but so important. And often it just takes one person to stand up and start talking to get things to change.

  2. For many years, I hurt myself by pulling in on my non-existent belly muscles—so I wouldn’t offend anyone with my pot belly. No one was looking and no one cared. I’m 68 and I still find myself doing this torture move unconsciously!

    • Hi Kris. Thanks for your comment. And I bet when you don’t pull in on your tummy so much you can actually breathe a bit better.

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