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  1. So what type of purse would you carry things in? Is crossbody best if shoulders are even? It defines the problem but doesn’t go as far as solutions.

    • Hi LoRene,

      You will get some ideas in Part 2 which I will post tomorrow. No matter what the issue is, I always have my students start with observing what they are already doing (in this case, what type of bag are you already carrying, how heavy is it (both empty and full), how much stuff is in it that you don’t use on a regular basis) before changing things up. More tomorrow. Glad this topic sparked your interest.


    • Hi!
      I completely agree with you on this purses issue. I suffered of intense neck problems and one thing that really helped me was switching from purses to backpacks. I know at first it feels a little teenager, but nowadays there are many elegant and even leather models that we can use. So, for traveling or everyday work I use the backpack and then for elegant dinners or just going out I use little nice purses and I try not to carry lots of unnecessary weight.
      I hope this helps!

      • Thanks so much for sharing your experience. And for adding one more suggestion for folks to try out! You are quite correct that there are lots of fun, small stylish backpacks for us to choose from nowadays–not just your high school backpack!

  2. Fun and useful article . . . although I’ve never carried a heavy or big purse.

    I find it difficult to travel and carry my heavy computer back that is not on wheels.

    Love to you!!



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