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  1. Great Post, If I may just add for the dancers out their?
    Ballet Posture
    An injury free dance life, is possible, one can achieve this, it’s just very important not to over load particular parts of the body unnecessarily with bad posture and placing. Correct stance and posture provides an injury free dance life and a better range of movement. Failure to receive the right posture will result in weakness, which in turn could lead to an injury. In dance this is a crucial factor of a dancer. Incorrect body posture will prevent a dancer from attaining technical control and freedom of movement. In short a correctly set body is the foundation of every step, in dance and life.

    • Thanks for your comment. I totally agree that your posture is the foundation for every step, in dance and life. Nicely put. What I find many of my students who are professional dancers or musicians fail to recognize is the profound affect their postural habits in daily activites have on their postural habits in their favorite activity (playing their instrument or dancing). Becoming more aware of your postural habits away from the dance floor and the instrument will help you imensly with your posture on the dance floor and at the instrument.

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