Mind the Gap — 3 Comments

  1. Fantastic essay, Lauren! And I can see how you are integrating the learning and insights from the AT and Neuroscience at ACAT that Patrick Johnson led in your language and perspective. Can’t wait to share your writing with others in the next weeks.

    • Thanks Monica. The Science and AT workshop given by Patrick Johnson and Tim Cacciatore at ACAT in May was excellent. And yes it did inspire my essay. I encourage any Alexander Teacher or trainee to attend a presentation or take a workshop with the two of them if you have the opportunity. So worth it.

  2. Yes, I agree. I attended the course he did at the Constructive Teaching Center in London last October. Same set up, with Tim joining in via Skype. I had a good meeting with Patrick later that week before he went back to Netherlands as well re The Poise Project and research guidance.

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