There are several workshop intensives that take place around the United States each year. Here is a sample of some of them:

ACAT Summer Intensive
ACAT (the American Center for the Alexander Technique) is North America’s oldest Alexander teacher training program located in NYC. ACAT offers a 5 day workshop for both new and experienced students of the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique Workshops International
These 5 day workshops take place in Malibu, CA in the winter and in South Carolina in the summer. These workshops are staffed by an extraordinary group of Alexander teachers who have decades of teaching experience. They do a wonderful job of creating a safe and fun learning environment for participants who range in experience from veteran Alexander teachers, to students to people brand new to the Alexander Technique. I attended this course in Dec 2013 and personally recommend it.

Balance Arts Center Workshops
Balance Arts Center has been running a series of weekend workshops over the past couple of years, many aimed at the performing artist.

Summer Residential Workshop in La Crosse, WI
This 5 day residential workshop takes place at Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI. For more information contact Diane Foust at