A Leaning Nation — 4 Comments

  1. Enjoy your posts. Interesting observation of people — I am trying to watch my posture better after the chiropractor said my head is about 2 inches forward!!!!Not good.

    Aunt Bickey

  2. I’m just writing on this leaning phenomenon myself. I call leaning lying down as with a bit lean on a back rest it is more like bed rest than sitting which actually requires strength and balance.

    • Hi Dom,

      Thanks for your response to my post. What I find fascinating is that (at least in my Western culture) after about age 4 we get away from what I call sitting actively (on our sitting bones without back support) which as you rightly mention requires strength and balance. Very young children sit actively when the sit easily on the floor and play with their toys but when we get older, when we sit we always tend to lean on something. Same in standing. So we don’t give our bodies the chance to get strong and learn what it means to balance. You get good at what you practice and most of us are very good at leaning!

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