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  1. Lauren I learned that when you’re sitting away from your desk that you should not be in any chair at all for more than 50 minutes at a time: its.important to get up as soon as you feel any pressure on your vertebrae. Once you’re up it’s iimportant to
    Engage in light activity for at least one or two hours depending what your body can tolerate.
    So watching television needs to be severely rationed so that you’are getting up and moving around frequently I often watch it while standing up
    It’s also helpful to get a zero gravity recliner because it puts less pressure on the spine than sitting upright. That having been said, it’s important to alternate this with chairs that cause you to regulate your posture.
    However, as Lauren emphasized in her post putting your body in a comfortable resting position is not a substitute for rationing your time spent not moving much because the muscles get weak, this causes joints and to stiffen and decreases blood flow in other words lounging out is a form for resting for short periods of time rather than escaping from using your body in much more active ways

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